The Bootleg Archive

Hello this is The Bootleg Archive, a library of classic mashups, bootlegs and bastard pop from years past. Think Bastard, think GYBO, think Boom Selection, etc. This site is for preserving the history of bootlegs, mashups and unofficial 'white label' remixes before 2014 (now updated from 2007!).

Please feel free to download, share but any bots or get scripts will be banned if you use too much bandwidth, so be polite!

Now you can listen to all the mashups with Classic Bootleg Radio or the player below!

We are looking for YOUR mashups!

Got any bootlegs, white labels, mashups, bootlegs or bastard pop tunes from 2007 or earlier? Or higher quality that on the ones here, or missing from this archive? Goto the Facebook Group to send files or ask a mod for access details to the FTP.
We reserve the right to refuse anyone, and strictly NO commercially released tunes (unofficial white labels are OK, and a few tracks got re-released officially but the original versions are probably OK. if in doubt ask over at the Facebook group).

Please let us know if you have a problem with anything on here, as a creator or owner and we'll see if we can resolve it - but as said elsewhere these are fair use, non-commercial and non-profit transformative works.